Real World Fitness, Inc.
Real World Fitness, Inc.

Prices Effective 1-1-2019

Initial Fitness Training Programs

Initial Fitness Training--$200

Four sessions including an initial fitness evaluation, nutritional assessment, introductory workouts, and educational materials. All new fitness clients are required to go through these four sessions.

Initial Fitness Training for Couples--$300

Four sessions including the initial fitness evaluation, nutritional assessment, introductory workouts and educational materials.

Continued Fitness Programs

Regular (1-on-1 Training, at least 1 session per week)--$45 per 55-minute session OR $60 per 80-minute session

Personally supervised workouts. Recommended for those who have never worked out on a regular basis, are restarting their workouts, or want quicker results. (Includes Yoga training)

Regular Couples Training--$70 per 55-minute session

Monthly Tune-ups--$55 per 55-minute session

Meet with the trainer once a month for tune-up sessions. Receive new challenges and ideas to keep your workouts fresh. Includes periodic reassessments. Perfect for those who already work out on a regular basis.


Weekly Options (Individual)

6 sessions--$ 250

11 sessions--$ 450

17 sessions--$ 700

36 sessions--$1400

Weekly Options (Couples)

6 sessions--$ 380

11 sessions--$ 700

(All packages must be used within 12 months from date of purchase)

Nutritional Services

Initial Nutritional Assessment--$60

1-on-1 nutritional counseling session with dietary analysis. Works well for healthy people as well as those with chronic conditions such as diabetes, HIV, high cholesterol, weight management issues (over- or under-weight), and other nutritionally related medical conditions.

Follow-up Nutrition Visits--$45

Weight Management Series--$4,000

A series of 12 individual counseling sessions designed to assist with weight management. Includes label reading, shopping, menu planning, behavior modification and much more.

Other Services Available

Travel Fee--$30 per session

For travel to your location.

Overall Fitness Assessment--$80

Body Composition Assessment--$50

Cardiovascular Assessment--$60

Cardio Only--$12 per session

Home Gym Setup and Design--Ask for quote

Dietary Consulting Services--Ask for quote

Other Important Information

Cancellation fee--$25

For cancellations with less than 24 hours notice.

No Show/No Call Fee

Failure to call or show up for a scheduled session will result in full charge for that session before you will be trained again.

Returned Check Fee--$25

Fees subject to change with 30-day notice. All session fees paid up front with cash or check. Consulting services payable on receipt of our invoice. Make all checks payable to Real World Fitness, Inc.

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